About Carveboard


There is nothing on the street that so closely emulates the feeling and “stoke” of surfing or snowboarding. There are so many down days when you just can’t get a surf or snowboard session and you’re just itching to get in some turns. With a little imagination and one of our boards, there is always a couple feet of fresh powder or 6-8 foot and glassy sets coming in right outside your door.


Brad Gerlach and his father Joe came up with the idea for Carveboard™ almost ten years ago. The main objective was to create a board, which enabled beginners to pros, the ability to work on their surfing or snowboarding when the snow melts or the surf is flat.


To have a way to work on your technique and most importantly your flow and style when there is no surf or snow is fantastic. Brad once said, “If you want to work on your cutback you can find some little drive way and practice it over and over.”


The traditional skateboards and all-terrain boards did not give you the turning radius, extreme rail to rail capabilities, or lateral grip which they envisioned for a true simulator. The patented design for both the Carveboards and Carvestiks used years of research and development, while working with some of the top pros in both surfing and snowboarding giving feedback. Anyone who has had the opportunity to get a session on the boards walks away amazed and almost in disbelief. We hear it over and over, that the experience couldn’t have been understood even in their wildest dreams, until they actually rode them.


The Carveboards and the Carvestiks are so different in design and the way they perform, that the similarities between normal skateboards and their boards are only the fact that they have a wood deck, two trucks and four wheels – they are more a surfboard or snowboard for the street. All parts are from molds designed just for Carveboard and are made in the good ‘ol USA. Experience the ride and you will understand that these boards are the ultimate carving machines!